SMEs International Expo

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SMEs International Expo

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SMEs International Expo

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To be the leading international business expo that connects SMEs from all sectors of the economy and other corporate companies in Africa and beyond.


To create business to business opportunities for SMEs in Africa and beyond

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Connecting SMEs nationally and internationally


Integrity, Team Work, Professionalism, Innovation & Excellence

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SMEs play a significant role in the economic wellbeing of most countries, accounting for over 65% of employment across the country. SMEs are also a key driving factor for economic exclusivity; they push forward economic innovation and flexibility given their importance to entrepreneurship and new market entry, adoption of new innovative technologies and overall wider benefits to market completion and ultimately consumers.

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According to National Manpower Advisory Council (NAMACO), an SME is a stand- alone entity which is neither a subsidiary nor an associate of another bigger organisation.

SMEs are generally defined according to two parameters. There are the sales turn-over and the number of employees. Measured in financial terms, a medium enterprise has an annual sales total of US$830 000 and below

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SMEs International Expo Overview

According to the FinScope MSME Survey Zimbabwe 2012, there are about 3.5 million SMEs operating in various sectors of the Zimbabwean economy. The survey further puts it that of all these SMES only 15 percent is registered or licenced and most of them don’t keep records.

This lack of registration and record-keeping is among the reasons most SMEs have been failing to access funding or capital from banks and it has also prevented some of them from exporting their products outside the country. With more companies closing or scaling down their operations because of unfavourable operating environment coupled with expensive utilities and cheap imports from Asia and neighbouring countries, the SMEs sector is slowly becoming the major economy. Unconfirmed statistics have highlighted that the sector is now accounting for more than 65 percent of employment in the country.

economy, but unfortunately most of them despite having brilliant ideas and expertise, they are not trained and this has resulted in them struggling to effectively run their operations profitably.

The SMEs International Expo is therefore an opportunity for these SMEs to learn various aspects of running their businesses professionally and also how to package and brand their products to acceptable standards. This is made possible through a tailor-made business conference, networking and interactions with both local and international exhibitors, private and government officials from various departments.

The expo is also an investment opportunity for both local and international players as they are afforded a chance to forge partnerships on common grounds.

It also gives opportunities for competitors to sit down together and find ways of complementing each other. The Expo provides SMEs with an opportunity to exhibit their goods and services alongside big corporates without being intimidated and this helps them to expose their products to wider markets.

Our previous editions of the expo have been graced by local, regional and international exhibitors, delegates and investors alike. In 2020 we held the first ever virtual exhibition in Zimbabwe. Showing that we are a dynamic brand that is adapting with the World


The Professional SMEs Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PSCCI) which was unveiled in July 2017 as a non-profit organisation whose mandate is to represent Micro-Small-to-Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Zimbabwe through supporting its members in compliance and business development to become profit making entities.

SMEs have been in the past 10 years the backbone of Zimbabwe’s economy contributing over 50 percent of Zimbabwe’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

PSCCI provides assorted services to small business entrepreneurs representing small kiosks and established SMEs.

Headquartered in Harare, the main task of the chamber is not only to be the business voice of SMEs at national level but to promote business empowerment, vocational training, local and international trade, regional economic development and encouraging competitiveness through the organized business communities and networking.

PSCCI aims to form formidable partnerships with other regional and international chambers of commerce representing SMEs in their respective nations.

One of our objectives is to promote both local and international trade in developing import and export trade between the Republic of Zimbabwe and any other country for the benefit of SMEs.

The SMEs chamber shall have a consultative function where it shall be considered and contribute whenever a new law related to SMEs, industry or commerce is proposed to ensure SMEs concerns and interests are heard and addressed.

PSCCI seek to represent small businesses from corporate bullying to ensure a level playing field for all business in Zimbabwe to enhance business synergies amongst SMEs and corporates.

Increase in capital and investments for members though linkages, networking receptions, economic forums, ‘Members Only’ events, industry specific conferences, business luncheons, women’s desk and innovation seminars are a tip of an iceberg of many benefits to be enjoyed by being a PSCCI member.



  • Connect SMEs nationally and internationally. .
  • To serve as a platform to give SMEs the much needed visibility on the local and global market.
  • Create lasting business synergies amongst SMEs and corporates
  • To create a well-established international brand
  • Growth in company profits and earnings
  • Increase in capital and investments.
  • Introduction of new products/ service lines (diversification).


  • Nurture and develop relations with existing clients
  • Prospect for new business
  • Market and sell new products and services
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Build your profile and brand awareness
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Bring your company story to life with onsite products’ demonstrations
  • Learn about other exhibitors’ precise purchasing needs and processes
  • Strengthen your brand and reputation with an exhibit presence and though highly visible sponsorships


  • Tradeshows have now become one of the most effective methods of marketing products and services.
  • This is because 83% of all visitors to a trade show have the authority to purchase or are a decisive influence in the purchasing decision of the organization
  • 72% of all visitors intend to make a purchase either at the show or in the near future
  • 54% of visitors come specifically to see new products and services
  • 48% come for information
  • 40% come to keep updated with technology
  • 15% come to make new business contacts
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Join us at the annual official opening as we give you insights and teasers of the Expo. Some of the events at our expo includes:


  • 1EVENT

    Join the walk, the fun and ensure you improve your fitness and grow your business contacts through networking with professionals during the SMEs International Expo Annual Walkathon. We will also have Marathon, Cycling, Paralympics and Wushu.

2 Event

Let’s tee-off and enjoy a day filled with fun and networking at the Golf Expo for both professionals and amateurs.

Our Leadership

Mrs. Blessing Magenga

Mrs. Blessing Magenga

SMEs International Expo CEO

Hon Sithembiso Nyoni

Hon Sithembiso Nyoni

Former Minister of SMEs

Delight Makotose

Delight Makotose

SMEs International Expo Director

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1st Floor, East Wing, Coal House, Corner Leopold Takawira/Nelson Mandela, Harare , Zimbabwe.